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Are these too sexy for the gym? Nike air berwuda navy/crimson #nike #nikeair #nikeairberwuda #kicks

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#GOAT These are the kinds of things i discuss with my students in class and it isn’t even a hip hop class #greatestrapperalive

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Mott st loft $6500 - private roof deck - #bitcoin accepted (at Bapple Real Estate)

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Nets vs suns (at Barclays Center)

17 March 2014

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Speaking at #webvisions in April about the future of #augmentedreality #ar

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Goodbye #teamshale. #googleglass swap for 2.0 #teamcharcoal.

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Bookworms, bikers, or bi-coastal jet laggers… the way Americans spend their days tells us how restful they will find their nights. From the Northwest to the Deep South, the length of our beauty rest will vary with how much we commute, carouse around town or curl up to read. To add another blanket (and pillow) of complexity, where we sleep also tells us about  how much we sleep. Now that’s something that red and blue states can finally rest on.

Man. I sure miss my UP.

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